Bicycle positioning!

Bicycle positioning!
Positioning yourself on the bike Plus Size

This is a MUST! You have to be well positioned on your bike!!! Whether you are a performance athlete or a Sunday rider, you want to be able to enjoy the sport to the fullest. Adapting your bike to your body allows you to be more comfortable, to be more efficient in your effort and to minimize the risk of injury. If this blog can fulfill its mission, then it will convince you to make an appointment with an expert! You can ask for this service in any good bike store. Or, you can find general advice on the internet 😊 Our experience makes us lean towards consulting with an expert.

A meeting with such a bike specialist can also enlighten you on several aspects. For example, the size of the saddle... well no, it may not need to be wider to seat your beautiful buttocks. We could recommend a smaller saddle to prevent your thighs from rubbing. The advisor will make sure that your bones are properly supported and you'll be happy for the rest of your summer rides!

Our colleague Johanne made an appointment last spring to have her new bike adjusted and she shares her experience with us. She met with Mr. Michel Bourbonnais, a bike positioning specialist and co-owner of Le SuroĂźt Cycle et Ski in Vaudreuil-Dorion. Michel has positioned several times people from Plus Size and is therefore a good adviser in this matter.

It is worth noting that the bicycle experts are busy during the high season. Their calendars are full. You can still ask to book your spot when the bike month madness is over.

Here is the report of Johanne's visit to the shop

The purpose of the visit was to evaluate/correct bicycle posture. The meeting lasted approximately 60 minutes.

As soon as I arrived, Mr. Bourbonnais inflated my tyres according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

He then measured me and put my bike on a stand so I could sit on it.

The first step was to adjust the saddle to the right height and level it. Then he made the fine adjustments so that my weight was supported mainly towards the back and not the front of the saddle.

Once the saddle position was adjusted, it was the handlebars' turn. He moved it so that my body was at a forward angle to avoid possible lower back pain.

I also received advice on how to place my feet on the pedals. By pedaling with the arch of the foot, I was not getting the maximum power offered by the foot area just below the toes. We also make sure that the knee is working the right way. The angle that the knee makes should not exceed a certain limit.

Finally, in order to get used to my new saddle more easily, he advised me to start with a 30-minute ride and then increase by 10 minutes a day for a week.

Thank you Sportive Plus and thank you Michel from SuroĂźt Cycle et Ski !

Text by Catherine and Johanne from Sportive Plus St-Clet